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Ornina™ Earbuds Cleaning Pen

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No more dirt on the earbuds anymore! You use the earbuds every day, and every time... اقرأ أكثر

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No more dirt on the earbuds anymore!

You use the earbuds every day, and every time dirt accumulates on them. It isn't very pleasant! But with Ornina™  Earbuds Cleaning Pen, you don't have to worry about dirt thanks to its proper design and quality of materials.
The Earbuds Cleaning Pen can clean the whole set of Bluetooth earbuds, from the small holes of earbuds to the charging bin.   

You won't need another cleaning tool for your other electronics!

 Ornina™ Earbuds Cleaning Pen is multifunctional, 3-in-1 multifunctional design. It is suitable for Earbuds, Headsets, Mobile phones, Computers, Tablets, Cameras and other digital products. 

Why do you need Ornina™ Earbuds Cleaning Pen?

✅According to global statistics, the majority of people use earphones every day and dirt accumulates on those earphones every time, which affects the quality of the earphones and sound. Enjoy  high-quality music and sound all the time and protect Your hearing. 

✅Multifunctional tool:  Ornina™  Earbuds Cleaning Pen can be used anytime. It is Suitable for bluetooth earbuds, headsets, mobile phones, computers, tablets, cameras and other digital products. You can put it in your wallet, backpack, or even your clothes pocket when you go out.

✅safe use and professional design:  The tip My Brand™  Earbuds Cleaning Pen is a round metal tip, which can clean the small parts and holes of the earplugs. There is a soft microfiber brush under the pen tip, which can easily clean the earphone sound hole and other parts, as well as the microphone hole and sound hole of the mobile phone. The other end of the pen is a soft flocking sponge head, which can clean the charging compartment of your earphones, and there is no dead angle at 360°. 

Small size and high quality 

  My Brand™  Earbuds Cleaning Pen is designed with a pen shape, it is lightweight and easy to carry just 10.8cm/4.2 inches.  It is made of high quality: stainless steel round nibs, polymer Plastic, fine and dense fiber Brushes, and soft Fluff. It will not damage the earplug components and holes.

What do our customers say about our product?

Customer reviews were more than 96% positive after using our products thanks to the quality of the product and our services.

Josephine: " Excellent product and service I totally recommend thank you"

Package List:    

1 X Cleaning Pen    


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    White, Black, Pink, Green

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    Ornina™ Earbuds Cleaning Pen

    €20,00 €15,00